When my father suggested he had a plan for the newsletter, I was a little bit hesitant. Inviting my grandmother to be an author on our blog didn’t look anything like what other people in business were doing – which, being a newbie to the business building thing – was often my yardstick.

Cautiously optimistic, I agreed. I am not very good at doing what everyone else is doing anyway.

I am so lucky to have had all of my grandparents play an active role in my life, well into my adult years. I’ve never lived physically close to my father’s parents, so when I was a child their visits were unusual and touched with a tinge of magic. My grandmother and I discovered a shared love for a certain colour of blue, an enjoyment of handicrafts, and a love of books. I also believe my wanderlust may be embedded in the Norwegian genetics from that side of the family. As a child I traveled with my grandparents across the northern United States. As an adult, I joined them on a trip from Alaska to Vancouver in a motor-home, and then again from Alaska to Vancouver via cruise ship.

My grandmother’s role as VP of intergenerational wisdom at Tiny Frog Strategies was full of unexpected benefits. Here are just a few.

  • She was a writing machine! She wrote more content faster than both Dad and I combined. And it was all good stuff. We raced to use it all.
  • As a child, I’d always thought of her and my grandfather as a unit. In her writings, I met my grandmother as an individual and learned new things about what she valued and her life experiences. Her work also expanded my vocabulary and my cultural references.
  • In her posts, my grandmother wrote in an eloquent manner about a subject that most of us can barely acknowledge the possibility of its existence – the death of her spouse, my grandfather.

Thank-you, dear Grandmother, for your words, and your elegant but honest commentary on our modern life. I am so glad that we took a leap into intergenerational wisdom. Your contributions will be a legacy I treasure.

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