An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

These familiar words have a nice cadence to them and eons ago handily made their way into the book of adages.

Keep in mind, if you please, no one ever nominated a Valencia orange or a damson plum or a Bosc pear for inclusion in the honourable adage book.

Somewhere in time the apple became a symbolic part of human history. For example, Eve and the snake in the garden, Sir Isaac and the apple in his mother’s garden, and the well-recognized logo for an international tech giant.

No pineapple, no grape, no pawpaw, and no kiwi has ever achieved the same rank.apples-for-applesauce

William Tell needed the eyesight of an eagle to split the apple with the arrow from his bow while leaving the young lad untouched, if indeed it ever truly happened. But what is history is that the William Tell Overture lent its musical score to be the theme of countless Lone Ranger episodes and a multitude of cartoons.

Snow White had her worries with the apple but gained a prince in the end. Not too shabby an exchange, right?

In the Pacific Northwest the state of Washington claims the apple for its recognized fruit. Horticulturists say the myriad varieties of the fruit available for consumption today are offspring from the wild crab apple of yore.

Johnny Appleseed took advantage of the then-in-effect rule for migrating settlers that they plant 50 apple trees on their homestead acres. The law’s intent was to keep hunger at bay for the pioneers—the outcome immortalized apple pie as the ultimate American culinary tradition.

So, not a big fan of the apple? Not to fret. There are always bananas, berries, cherries, dates, figs—well, you get the picture.

But a mouthful of yum for certain.

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