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Captioned dreams

In today’s monograph comes a surprising tidbit that you may not know about me. It has to do with nocturnal activities, more or less. As I drift off to sleep I usually dream a dream or two. Now my sleeping dreams occur much like everyone’s, ordinary as can be. Except my illusions arrive complete with […]

Just fine

When you reach truly advanced age you are either “just fine” or you are dead. No one wants a casual enquiry about one’s health to have a three page response, a litany of what doesn’t work, is slowing down, or causing sleepless nights. Trying to be wise as well as old I have consciously opted […]

Slate grey

Good Morning… How are you? I am ok, relatively ok, sort of a fine ok. So so. But mostly I am neither ok nor so so. I am actually somewhat grey.

Plethora of pillows

Just when in our mundane living did the infamous Pillow Police acquire so much power? These days no abode is immune to their scrutiny, from brand new-builds to slightly messy early adult apartments; from retro furnished condos to family basements. The Pillow Police dictate, set rigid regulations, and demand complete obedience.

The oddity of the ordinary

Every once in a great while I go to a grocery store. Buying food is moot these days as each of my castles have highly skilled chefs who feed me nutritious and tasty meals for weeks and months at a time.

Starch for the heart

Sometime last winter my literary muse (let’s call her Erato Escapee or E.E. for brevity) left me wordless. I suspect she had fled with other suddenly sane North Americans to the balmy, bright tropics. While enjoying respite from winter’s foibles E.E. left me bereft, unable to think of a single subject worthy of applying pen […]

Coulda, woulda, shoulda

Have you experienced a shuddering case of couldas, wouldas, shouldas in your life lately? Or have you endured a frightful time of head shaking and mournfully wondering why, oh why did I do that? Or more depressing, why, oh why didn’t I do that?