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Patience and Perseverance: the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation’s Legacy Jump Start Project

It’s working, it’s working! Here at Tiny Frog Strategies, we know that legacy fundraising is a project for those not afraid of the long haul. It takes time to see results, usually LOTS of time. So when we hear about organizations that have participated in Legacy Jump Start and have some demonstrated success, we know […]

Working together can be better than you imagined

Our conversation with Magdalena Blasiak In our work, we’ve noticed that while there are a lot of resources out there for non-profit organizations, it isn’t always easy to find out who is doing what. So in the rest of the pond series, we feature people and companies who have solutions for small shop non-profits. Today […]

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How to get it done – the real deal on doing the work for a successful legacy giving program.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain We know you are probably on board with planned giving, or legacy giving, as we like to call it around here. Who wouldn’t want to fundraise at the lowest cost per dollar raised? Who wouldn’t want a sustainable source of revenue for the future? And […]

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Six surprisingly simple ways to build your donor database, even if you are not a fundraiser

It’s hard to tell how your earliest jobs will fit themselves into your overall working life. I had some of the usual teenage jobs, such as babysitting and a paper route. But one job, the one I could do in my bathrobe, led me down a path that still influences my work today. And it’s […]