When an event becomes a celebration be the first to plop the garish lampshade on your stately head as you exit the party.

Refuse fuss, object to hoopla, and cancel wing dings. Then gracefully recant when the opposition of progeny overwhelms your common sense.

Enjoy every whiff of scent from the splendid roses brought to the party. Savor the almond goodness in the Norwegian log cake. Shamelessly gorge on the favorite chocolate bars. All the while exclaiming long and loudly that it truly was not necessary at all. Not at all.

Not wanted, not sought after, definitely not predestined. But oh, thank you, thank you so very much!

Unique among the birthday gifts this year was a treasured book bag from the Midwest library where I received my very first library card while in second grade. Such memories and emotions the canvas evoked in a packed collection of thoughts!

My toaster chair regularly swallows knitting needles, book marks, embroidery scissors and the odd pen or pencil. What delight to be gifted with extras – all securely corralled in pretty tins and trays no recliner could ever ingest.

One granddaughter, knowing my love of crossword puzzles, managed to inscribe birthday happies on poster board cleverly cut it into puzzle pieces that then required “solving” to read and enjoy the message.

Anne of Green Gables was part of my vast childhood reading treasures. This year a daughter visited PEI and brought back thoughtful mementos from her visit. In my heart I felt I had made the trek to Anne-with-an-e’s girlhood. Pure bliss.

Emails arrived from Japan and the U.K. And all sites on the continents in between. Never has an 87 year old grump been so spoiled with attention and best wishes.

Gleanings from the birthday week that was:

Life is precious. It must be embraced with vigor, accepted and incorporated into every facet of existence with all the fibers of your being. Invest in your well wishers.

And always, but always, remember to give back as fully as you have bountifully received…

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Photo credit to Dave Magnuson-Ford

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