Legacies can be beautiful.

A legacy is often as simple as the dimples that peek out so charmingly on the cheeks of babies of succeeding generations.

My husband and I bequeathed dimples in our DNA to our six children, to our eighteen grandchildren and now, oh joy, to many of our eight great-grand-tots.

My mother-in-law claimed dimples were made from pinches received if you cried too much. But my mother insisted the dimples were the result of angel kisses as the babies left heaven’s gates for their earthly home. I do decidedly prefer my mother’s take on this important matter.

A legacy can be farmland that has been passed down to family for a century or more. Or a lakeside cottage with generations of children playing in the water, building dreams as they create castles in the sand.

It can be a single stock in a Midwest seed company that was purchased for a pittance years ago and over time grew to be an important part of a retirement portfolio.

In our family we have a sturdy and massive desk of master workmanship from great-grandfather’s days. It is complete with secret drawers and clever locking cubbies. We have a now wobbly bamboo accessory shelf from the 1870’s that we treasure and politely fight over its possession. Ditto for the sewing rocker that belonged to the great greats of long ago.

Pride of place in our family’s inherited antique collection is a beautiful rosemaled steamer trunk. In its lifetime it has traveled from the head of the Hardanger fjord near Odda, Norway across the Atlantic Ocean to the prairies of North America, kept watch in the Pacific Northwest, carried a widow’s must-haves to Alaska, finally landing in the southwestern desert with a fifth-generation granddaughter who treasures it beyond the telling.  There it has retired and is now a showpiece of incomparable worth and history.

In its centuries of travel this trunk has spent generations in each location, sturdy, useful and loved. Much like ourselves.

How unique to have family heirlooms to bequest as legacies to new generations of yourself. Very special and heartwarming, indeed.

Bounties and blessings…

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