I was a good student. It gave me many advantages in life – scholarships for travel and more education, and a now unnecessary understanding of trigonometry. But once out of school, my good grades may have been a hindrance.

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Our conversation with Janice Meighan about the Empowerment Dialogue approach

In our work, we’ve noticed that while there are a lot of resources out there for non-profit organizations, it isn’t always easy to find out who is doing what.

In the rest of the pond series, we feature people and companies who have solutions for small shop non-profits.

In our first installment, we connected with Janice Meighan who, alongside Ken Ramsay, leads the Empowerment Dialogue approach. This includes a book and training methodology for better fundraising conversations.

Image credit: Janice Meighan

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain

We know you are probably on board with planned giving, or legacy giving, as we like to call it around here. Who wouldn’t want to fundraise at the lowest cost per dollar raised? Who wouldn’t want a sustainable source of revenue for the future? And who wouldn’t want to engage more with their donors, building a deeper connection and working with them to connect on what’s next for the future of your organization?

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It’s hard to tell how your earliest jobs will fit themselves into your overall working life. I had some of the usual teenage jobs, such as babysitting and a paper route. But one job, the one I could do in my bathrobe, led me down a path that still influences my work today.

And it’s all my father’s fault. (Or something like that.)

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So you get it. You always knew it mattered, but now your boss or your board finally recognize that this legacy giving thing is an opportunity and you need to take action. But when? Read more

Imagine this math problem:

You have an unknown amount of money that will appear at an unknown time and will fund unknown areas at your organization. Give me the number I should put in next year’s budget for legacy giving revenue.

Hmmm, not so easy.

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“Dogs have no money. Isn’t that amazing? They’re broke their entire lives. But they get through. You know why dogs have no money? No pockets.” ~ Jerry Seinfeld


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Whew, what a relief, the presentation is over AND it went well. Julia and I were workshop presenters for the 2018 CAGP National Conference in Winnipeg. We presented “Wisdom of the Ages, Building Successful Intergenerational Relationships” to 50 conference attendees. Creating refining and presenting with Julia was a highlight for me. She was brilliant and we had fun. Read more

Martha (not her real name, of course) had a dream to leave a legacy. She intended that each of her four grandchildren and her favorite charity would receive a substantial benefit when her house was sold. In fact, that was the only reason she was still rattling around in the old barn. Read more

Are you ready? How can you tell if your organization ready for a proactive legacy giving program?

Today’s quiz will focus on what you need to be ready for legacy giving at your organization. In case you are unsure about what I’m referring to, legacy giving, (also known as planned giving,) is a particular kind of fundraising: inviting your existing donors to consider leaving a gift to your organization in their will or estate plans. This kind of giving is a way for a donor to take what is important to them now and extend that far into the future, leaving a legacy that matters. Read more