Want to be inspired? Check out this cool animated video below from Remember a Charity, a UK based organization.


In today’s monograph comes a surprising tidbit that you may not know about me. It has to do with nocturnal activities, more or less.

As I drift off to sleep I usually dream a dream or two. Now my sleeping dreams occur much like everyone’s, ordinary as can be. Except my illusions arrive complete with closed captioning. Honest. They really do. Read more

  1. Catch a medium sized elephant.
  2. Carefully dice it into manageable bites.

So began son David’s contribution to the Ford Family Cookbook.

Read more

Clam chowder did not set out to be a ritual.

But, somewhere along the retirement life, it settled into a comfortable, enjoyable Friday tête-à-tête for two mortals who after eight decades still vastly enjoyed each other’s company. Read more

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