What do I want the next generation to receive?

That seems like a really hard question to answer. I mean—the next generation? I’m barely an adult. Am I really old enough that another generation has shown up already?

mountain rainbow

But, when I stop and think, I have plenty of peers with small children of their own by now, children for whom I can knit cute baby sweaters and I can use as an excuse to attend the petting zoo at the Royal Winter Fair.

What I’d like these new humans to have is some of the same things I’ve benefited from: the opportunity to grow up in a safe environment, to be well loved and provided for, to have a good education and plenty of time to make their own fun, and to experience the world (what’s in their backyard, their community, the wilderness around them, and even beyond that).

I’d like them not to make the same mistakes I’ve made, to learn faster than me, and generally have a pill to acquire wisdom instead of having to live through it. I wish for them a happier news channel, a shorter commute, a world free of cancer and war.

Really, I’d like them to have a deep sense of connection with their fellow human beings and with the planet we live on. Maybe give them a belief that what they do matters, but that they are part of something larger than themselves.

Oh, and can they get fries with that?

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