The minister met once again with the ladies group who beseeched him to talk to the bag lady that came to each funeral and pocketed the cookies left after the funeral lunch.

They were fed up watching her collect the dainties they had made for the guests who attended the funeral. They did not mind if she had one or two cookies like everyone else. They were sure the woman did not know each deceased but all agreed it looked like she could use a good meal. The way she dressed, the fact she never spoke, the fact the church was now in the inner city, all indicated she was a homeless person on the prowl.

The minister talked about need, love, and charity, to no avail. The women wanted the bag lady to quit scooping up the leftover cookies. The minister was charged with the task of making this clear. However he was a wise and gentle soul who never seemed to get around to doing that particular task.

One day the minister learned the bag lady had died because a copy of the will was mailed to the church. Underlined was the bequest for $80,000 that she had made to the church.

As he told me the story his eyes twinkled, “I think she paid for the cookies.”

Has your organization recieved a bequest from someone unexpected? Did you know them before they passed away? Is there anything you would do differently if you could?  Please share in the comments below, we’d love to hear your experience.

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