“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain

We know you are probably on board with planned giving, or legacy giving, as we like to call it around here. Who wouldn’t want to fundraise at the lowest cost per dollar raised? Who wouldn’t want a sustainable source of revenue for the future? And who wouldn’t want to engage more with their donors, building a deeper connection and working with them to connect on what’s next for the future of your organization?

Yes, I understand that legacy giving could be a game-changer for my organization, but how am I going to get it all done?

Here at Tiny Frog Strategies, it’s a question we know all too well. Our clients are always busy people, with lots on their plate. Most of them aren’t fundraisers full time and many of them are volunteers, with daytime commitments as well.

We’d never expect you to drop everything and say, “I’ve finally finished it all, so I guess I’m ready to take on legacy giving now.”

Ha – it makes us laugh just thinking about that sentence coming out of your mouth. So how do we help organizations get started in the midst of all the other stuff?

First, we’ve broken down what it takes into bite-sized actions steps in our Legacy Jump Start program . We’ve used our expertise to give you the easiest and simplest path forward. Don’t spend your limited time figuring out what to do, just get right into it.

Second, here are three formats that we’ve seen our clients use over the years. Pick the one that works the best for you, or make up your own, combo-style.

1. Be the one-person wonderkid:

Do a blitz: one person, one commitment to legacy giving. Schedule 2 hours per week for 6 weeks in your calendar for Legacy Jump Start and go for it – watch the videos, do the worksheets, and take action. When you get stuck, email us for help. Commit to coaching hours and we’ll ask you what you’ve done. (It helps for those of us who work on our own to know that someone else cares.) Plus we love to hear about your brilliant results!

2. Be the powerhouse team:

Create a tight group of doers 2-4 people that can take action on Legacy Jump Start and get it done. Divide up the work by lesson, by talent, (You take the writing, I’ll work the data), or collaborate in real time for additional brain power. Multiple people from one organization registering for Legacy Jump Start at the same time get a discount for exactly this reason. Your team could be a few staff people, a fundraising committee of the board, or a mix of both.

3. Be the savvy delegator:

Who said that learning what to do meant you had to do it all yourself? Take Legacy Jump Start and motivate someone else to take action. This could be your board chair or a summer student. (Don’t laugh, students and youth have long since been allies of successful legacy giving programs.) Use what you learn in Legacy Jump Start to train board members to be confident in committing to making 5 calls each. And with 3 board members, plus a staff member making calls, you’ve reached the 20 call target set in the program!

Whatever way you decide to slice and dice the work, remember that you can have coaching support on your side. We’ll help you stay on track, trouble shoot when legacy giving needs to be integrated with other fundraising efforts, and keep legacy giving as a whole team activity, not languishing on the something-to-do-when-we-have-time list.

Registration for Legacy Jump Start is open NOW. Check out all the details and find out who YOUR best legacy giving prospects are here for FREE.

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