There are some innovations nowadays that vastly improve daily living. These small wonders separate the used-tos from the but-nows. As such the innovators rightly should be rewarded acclaim from the Nobel Foundation. Truly, these are serious oversights in awards being made annually.

Sliced bread, Kleenex, and plastic bags. Saranwrap, Swedish dishclothes, bamboo knitting needles. Now these are joined by tagless tees and undergarments, liquid paper, refrigerators that obligingly dispense perfect gobs of pure ice 24/7. All current wonders now commonplace in most homes.

Existence would be poorer without take-out cuisine. Could we live sans paper clips? Comfort demands sheepskin lined slippers, cheater eyeglasses, and zippers on everything.

We embrace easy-open medicine vials, sticky notes, coloured inks. Our desk has adhesive backed address labels, envelopes and stamps. We exalt hooks for pristine painted walls that will hang a picture or bulletin board without a blemish if you change your mind on the positioning.

How can the Nobel Foundation so blithely ignore such daily marvels? Do they not do their homework? Is the big picture more compelling than a multitude of small awesome objects that smooths our each and every day?


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