I knit socks.

Since I started to knit twelve years ago, I’ve knit a few other things: a dress, a sweater, and several baby blankets, but I keep coming back to socks.  This is probably because I spend a lot of time in the tropics and socks are a lot cooler than a wool sweater in your lap, but I also like the simplicity of a small canvas and yet the challenge of all kinds of designs, stitch techniques, and colours. It’s fun to pick patterns I like and then adapt them as I go. Sometimes I knit from the top of the sock down, and sometimes I knit from the toe up. There are so many possibilities.

But like everything in life, I do get frustrated with knitting on occasion.  Take the pair I’m knitting now: the pattern is visually interesting, but it is a pain to knit, hurting my arms if I work on it for too long and is really slow. I would give up, except I already told the person I was making them for (mistake number one) and he really likes them.  So I keep going, one stitch at a time, 66 stitches in a round, 70 rounds to finish just the leg.

I am working on Legacy Jump Start, our do-it-yourself program for legacy fundraising. It also is a big program, with many moving parts. Even though I’m giving it regular attention, my progress feels so slow. One more presentation completed, one more person to review the material. Will it ever be done?

One stitch at a time, I remind myself. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project is, progress forward is the same – one stitch at a time.

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