Just when in our mundane living did the infamous Pillow Police acquire so much power?

These days no abode is immune to their scrutiny, from brand new-builds to slightly messy early adult apartments; from retro furnished condos to family basements. The Pillow Police dictate, set rigid regulations, and demand complete obedience.

Frankly, I increasingly resent this current eccentricity. I am weary of having to divest my waiting bed of a half dozen or more cushions of infinite size and variety every time I desire a lie-down. I dislike the mania of un-making one’s bed in order to go to bed.

And then, pray tell, where do you stash all this bedding conceit? Is there an empty shelf or closet just waiting to be filled with pillows? Ha! Of course not. Or perhaps you currently live in your second McMansion and have had prior heated architectural confrontations regarding storage?!

Some hours later, when sleep is satisfied, the lengthy pillow process repeats itself in reverse. Up comes the padding, the bolsters, the head rests from the floor, the foot-of-the-bed bench, from the crannies where they were casually (vehemently?) slung earlier.

Dressing a bed is an exercise in futility. Each pillow must stand strictly at attention, corners crisp and square. Each row of pillows must form a buttress to its neighbor. The Pillow Police allow no misdemeanors. One should not be able to tell, just by looking at the bed, who made it up on any given morning. If we minions are sloppy in our task the results are instantaneous – mandatory do-overs, complete with requisite fluffing, plumping and well-aimed smacks.

Sadly, this pillow quirk extends to other living areas of the home as well. Sofas are artfully draped with charming throws. Color coordinated pillows stand ready in the crook of divan armrest or displayed tastefully on recliner backs. The Pillow Police say so. And household fashionistas conform.

It actually makes this octogenarian a bit cross. Now, pillow lovers, I must make myself abundantly clear. Please do not take these ruminations personally. Please do not unite in a frenzy of emails, tweets, or phone calls of dislike. My stance is purely my heartfelt response to pillow mania! My children all have lovely homes complete with law abiding pillows crisply standing at parade best. Mercy, I have even on the odd Christmas gifted these kids with hand stitched or catalog ordered cushions. Sigh.

A legacy often reflects how we have lived, what we treasure in our hearts and minds, and comes to fruition in what we leave behind to share with others.

Perhaps, even, Pillows.

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