Resolve is a noble trait best displayed by another plodding pilgrim.

Resolve is a firm intention of courage – a will to do and be a better soul.

This month is traditionally used for thinking new ways to accomplish a sort of perfection. Sometimes resolutions work – sometimes they do not. But always they are worthy of the thought and trial. How can we not want to be the very best that we can possibly be?

Resolve bespeaks a spine. A spine with liberal amounts of starch in its DNA. Often generational, usually overtly visible. A force to respect.

Resolve is found in children and adults alike. No respecter of gender, race or religion. It is either there or it is not. It cannot be faked.

When in high school Latin class an inordinate amount of time was spent in declining nouns, conjugating verbs. Who knew we would need to know these by-laws at a later date?

Hind sight propels this observation:

He, she, or they are full of noble resolve.

You reek of satisfying moral turpitude.

I am just plain, garden variety, stubborn.


So there!

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