Imagine the day when you walk into a meeting with the chair of the board for your organization and you confidently report that there are legacy expectancies in your fundraising pipeline.

“Yes,” you say, “I have met with the donors, I know their wishes and I have a good idea of what to expect. Yes, I have a plan in place to recognize them and ensure the gift stays in in their estate plans.”

“Wow,” says the board chair, “Well, with this future security, we ought to think of the programs and future innovations that will further our mission.”

“Exactly,” you say, “because I’m about to approach even more donors about putting us in their estate plans, and I’d love to be able to tell them about the kinds of things that might be possible.”

But right now, legacy giving is something you’d prefer not to talk about at your organization. You know it’s important, but it feels so far down the to-do list. Who do you talk to? What would you say? And what about all this legal stuff, like charitable gift annuities? Goodness gracious, what other financial jargon do you need to know?

You’ve probably already attended workshops or webinars. You may have added a page on your website or a sentence at the end of your newsletter, such as: “Please let us know if you’d like more information…” You may have even received gifts of this kind already, and worked through the process with a lawyer.

But in your opinion, legacy giving must be more of a thing for the big charities who have the staff and the time. You’re just a small shop with lots of other things vying for your attention.

We know exactly how you feel. We’ve worked with organizations of all sizes who have struggled to make legacy giving part of their fundraising plan. There is a way to do this, even for small organizations. There are a set of steps that almost any organization can take to make a proactive legacy giving program a part of their regular fundraising activities, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

That’s why we developed the Legacy Giving Audit. The Audit is a one-to-one consulting experience that assesses an organization’s readiness to begin a legacy giving program.

The Legacy Giving Audit:

  • Uncovers what is already happening regarding legacy giving,
  • Identifies the legacy giving potential of an organization,
  • Highlights the gaps between current practice and future potential, and
  • Provides a road map for new work with legacy donors.

Simply put, it will answer five questions:

  1. Who do we need to talk to?
  2. How do we begin the conversation?
  3. How do we ask for a legacy gift?
  4. What if the donor says “yes” or “no”?
  5. Where does legacy giving fit into your fundraising plan?

Our fundraising program just took a giant leap forward all because of Tiny Frog Strategies. Their personal coaching, practical support and easy-to-follow templates have resulted in several major gifts, a successful matching gifts campaign and a sustainable planned gifts program. We couldn’t be happier and more inspired. Who knew that you can actually fundraise and see meaningful results, without increasing your expenses? Amazing. Thank you, Tiny Frog Strategies!

A Legacy Giving Audit includes the following areas:

  • Data readiness

    Review the database for giving potential and record keeping.

  • Print material

    Review existing brochure, other fundraising material and newsletters or e-blasts.


    Work with the organization to create a phone script.

    Provide before and after coaching around three initial legacy giving visits.


    Assess current stewardship practices and introduce benchmarks.


    Provide support to convey the results to the executive leadership and the board.

How it works:

The Legacy Giving Audit is conducted through regular phone or skype calls. We work hand-in-hand with you to meet the particular needs and challenges of your organization. While legacy giving is our main focus, we will take into account your current fundraising environment.

Through The Legacy Giving Audit, regular phone calls will keep you on track. Next steps will be clearly defined that make sense for your organization We will also help you work with your colleagues involved in this work, including donors, board members and fellow staff.

Legacy Giving Audit is a good fit for:

  • Organizations that are ready to make legacy giving a top priority.

  • Organizations where fundraising is just one activity among many.

  • Organizations that have a rooted history in their community, been around for a while, and intend to be present far into the future.

Legacy Giving Audit is NOT for:

  • Organizations in a financial crisis and cash today is the only priority.

  • Organizations just starting out building their list of donors and loyal supporters.

  • Organizations that already have a planned giving department – congratulations!

What if legacy giving was an item on your to-do list that you approached with confidence and excitement? What transformations would be possible?