When our bodies begin to betray us because of age or illness, life becomes difficult. Unbelief turns into dismay and incredible sadness.

Will the sun ever shine again? Will the birds recommence their song?

When the brain no longer can compute or cope – when it refuses its innate functionality – then life shows its cruelest streak. We reel in darkness, querying why? How can this be? How did it happen? We struggle for rational answers.

As the agony overwhelms us the memories – legacies – emerge. We retreat into the halcyon days of health and wellness. The remembrance of the smile, the soft wit, the passions and the acts of kindness paint the horror of the present with a wash of what-used-to-be in the not so distant past.

The strengths of the once able body and brain surface, surely and strong – in our consciousness. Our recall is true. Flashbacks assert the pre-breakage wonder of a whole being – a vibrant person – a beloved part of the family dynamics.

Stand tall, my sons.

Submit to the engulfing sorrow. Let it wash over and around you completely as it begins its slow but sure ebb from today’s unwelcome tide.

Clench with a firm fist the memories and concessions to the past that soothe the cankers on your souls.

Receive and give again the love surrounding you both.

Stand tall…

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