Maybe it’s DNA left over from Viking ancestors, maybe it’s grown out of an appreciation of all kinds of food, but I love learning about different people and places. So a highlight for me at the 2018 CAGP Conference was hearing Bobbi Sahni speak about diversity. Read more

Whew, what a relief, the presentation is over AND it went well. Julia and I were workshop presenters for the 2018 CAGP National Conference in Winnipeg. We presented “Wisdom of the Ages, Building Successful Intergenerational Relationships” to 50 conference attendees. Creating refining and presenting with Julia was a highlight for me. She was brilliant and we had fun. Read more

I had a great time at the Canadian Association of Gift Planners Conference in Toronto. (You can read what Dad had to say about it here.) I was one of four parent and child combos, where both were professionals attending the conference. That intergenerational thing appears to be catching on, which made me happy. Read more

Language is wonderful. We communicate all manner of things with the written word.

My mother once wrote a note to the school I attended to excuse my absence with the words: “Please excuse David as he had mild gastrointestinal inflammation of the lower intestinal track.” It was a stomach ache all dressed up in hospital jargon. The staff at reception passed the note around for all to read and admire.

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