1. Catch a medium sized elephant.
  2. Carefully dice it into manageable bites.

So began son David’s contribution to the Ford Family Cookbook.

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Once upon a time in decades past I was able to mystify my grandchildren.

Some of our six children waited eight or more years after the trek to the altar before they produced children. Then, when they tumbled on to it they collectively produced eighteen cuddly, adorable babies in less than ten years’ time. So for a glorious while we had simply gobs of grandchildren that came regularly to visit. Read more

Clam chowder did not set out to be a ritual.

But, somewhere along the retirement life, it settled into a comfortable, enjoyable Friday tête-à-tête for two mortals who after eight decades still vastly enjoyed each other’s company. Read more

The minister met once again with the ladies group who beseeched him to talk to the bag lady that came to each funeral and pocketed the cookies left after the funeral lunch.

They were fed up watching her collect the dainties they had made for the guests who attended the funeral. Read more

At long last three of my daughters live close enough to me to participate in a holiday cookie workshop.

Several weeks of detailed planning resulted in our gathering (in aprons, giggles, and festive expectation) at the northern castle. All participants knew their role: who will bring the pecans, who will attend the mixers, and who will roll the cookie dough into suitable shapes and sizes. Read more