Today’s article is part of our series on grant writing, one area in which Tiny Frog Strategies works with organizations to get from where they are to where they want to be.

So here’s the problem: you need money for the ongoing core activities of your organization, things like paying staff, paying rent and buying toilet paper. Grant funders want to give money to activities that connect directly with your beneficiaries, like an innovative meal program or a new initiative with a local artist. You aren’t opposed to being innovative, but first you need to make sure there is toilet paper in the washroom.

Welcome to the ultimate catch 22 of being a nonprofit. The bad news is that this tension has been around for a while and is probably not going to be fixed any time soon. The good news is that your organization isn’t the only one who feels frustrated and others have managed to buy toilet paper AND try out new ways of doing things.

So let’s talk about how to deal with this problem.
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Imagine this math problem:

You have an unknown amount of money that will appear at an unknown time and will fund unknown areas at your organization. Give me the number I should put in next year’s budget for legacy giving revenue.

Hmmm, not so easy.

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In today’s monograph comes a surprising tidbit that you may not know about me. It has to do with nocturnal activities, more or less.

As I drift off to sleep I usually dream a dream or two. Now my sleeping dreams occur much like everyone’s, ordinary as can be. Except my illusions arrive complete with closed captioning. Honest. They really do. Read more

Good Morning…

How are you?

I am ok, relatively ok, sort of a fine ok. So so. But mostly I am neither ok nor so so. I am actually somewhat grey. Read more

So here is another adage that has become a truism: as we age our bodies eventually begin to betray us… Read more

Just when in our mundane living did the infamous Pillow Police acquire so much power?

These days no abode is immune to their scrutiny, from brand new-builds to slightly messy early adult apartments; from retro furnished condos to family basements. The Pillow Police dictate, set rigid regulations, and demand complete obedience. Read more

Back to basics series: this post covers the basics of legacy giving. If you’re new around here, you might find it especially helpful. Go ahead and check out back to basics for other articles covering key concepts.

Charitable gift annuities, changes to CRA guidelines, and insurance rates.

Are you feeling confused yet? Or overwhelmed? Are these terms bringing up a little bit of anxiety that you might not know enough about them? Maybe you know a little bit, but not enough to feel comfortable to speak with a DONOR about them?

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I have experienced several shuddering cases of couldas, wouldas, shouldas in my career as a fundraiser. I too, have endured a frightful time of head shaking and mournfully wondering why, oh why did I do that? Or more depressing, why, oh why didn’t we do that?

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Have you experienced a shuddering case of couldas, wouldas, shouldas in your life lately?

Or have you endured a frightful time of head shaking and mournfully wondering why, oh why did I do that? Or more depressing, why, oh why didn’t I do that? Read more