Whew, what a relief, the presentation is over AND it went well. Julia and I were workshop presenters for the 2018 CAGP National Conference in Winnipeg. We presented “Wisdom of the Ages, Building Successful Intergenerational Relationships” to 50 conference attendees. Creating refining and presenting with Julia was a highlight for me. She was brilliant and we had fun. Read more

Legacies can be beautiful.

A legacy is often as simple as the dimples that peek out so charmingly on the cheeks of babies of succeeding generations. Read more

One couple had lived forever. (Or so it seemed.)

Let’s call them Oma and Opa – German for grandma and grandpa.

Oma and Opa had lived through world wars, through poverty and debt. Life now was full of riches beyond their imaginations. Read more

I once worked with an elderly donor who had a great idea for her legacy. She was in the process of ‘baking’ her legacy when I met her. Read more

What do I want the next generation to receive?

That seems like a really hard question to answer. I mean—the next generation? I’m barely an adult. Am I really old enough that another generation has shown up already? Read more

When I think about leaving a legacy, one of the first things that comes to mind is an article from a magazine in the 1990s that talked about a $1 trillion inheritance windfall for Canadians. The article suggested baby boomers in the US stood to inherit $10 trillion dollars over the next several decades. Canadians, the article mused, would inherit $1 trillion. The estimate was later updated in 1999 by a study from Center on Wealth and Philanthropy of Boston College. Schervish and Haven’s report cited the oft quoted $41 trillion as the figure to be passed from one generation to the next in the United States.

The initial article and later research study served to focus my five year quest for a doctorate of ministry in stewardship studies (church fundraising). It also served as a touchstone for a career in fundraising.

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