If January were a paper product it would be legal sized. February would be a memo and all ensuing months just normal, ordinary letter size.

But January is elongated. Resolutions have been made, tested, and perhaps sanely, discarded. Seasonal decorations are snugly back in their containers, recessed into closet depths. Read more

Resolve is a noble trait best displayed by another plodding pilgrim.

Resolve is a firm intention of courage – a will to do and be a better soul.

This month is traditionally used for thinking new ways to accomplish a sort of perfection. Sometimes resolutions work – sometimes they do not. But always they are worthy of the thought and trial. How can we not want to be the very best that we can possibly be? Read more

This time of year, we are often tricked into believing that with a fresh new slate, we can, this year, finally get it all done and be satisfied. For myself in particular, I have several messes left over from last year to clean up, a desire to finally get ahead on another project, and of course, a couple of new things that I hope to start and finish within a reasonable amount of time. That’s do-able, isn’t it? Read more