Just when in our mundane living did the infamous Pillow Police acquire so much power?

These days no abode is immune to their scrutiny, from brand new-builds to slightly messy early adult apartments; from retro furnished condos to family basements. The Pillow Police dictate, set rigid regulations, and demand complete obedience. Read more

Fundraisers are used to dealing with people in the midst of a snit.

It was an intriguing concept. The front cover said, “Thank you for your legacy gift.” Below that banner was a long list of first and last names. The tiny print compelled you to dive into that sea of names to find any familiar ones. The cover design invited you to look for friends who had made a gift and to join the giving circle. Read more

It is hard to stomp out of the room in a full-blown snit when you are wearing sheepskin-lined bedroom slippers.

Methinks my stomping days are pretty much a done deal. Even Hugo, my trusty walker, has lost his will to stomp meaningfully. He rolls, he twirls, he affords me a seat on the way to the mailbox—but snits and stomps are truly not his forte. Not today. Probably never, truth be told.

Let me back up a bit to give you the proper perspective on this topic. Read more