Legacies can be beautiful.

A legacy is often as simple as the dimples that peek out so charmingly on the cheeks of babies of succeeding generations. Read more

Just when in our mundane living did the infamous Pillow Police acquire so much power?

These days no abode is immune to their scrutiny, from brand new-builds to slightly messy early adult apartments; from retro furnished condos to family basements. The Pillow Police dictate, set rigid regulations, and demand complete obedience. Read more

It really is all about our stuff. I admit that I have a plethora of stuff.

We make noises about leaving a legacy. Filling out a university scholarship started long ago. Leaving money for a program or to enable a building to be furnished and useful. Read more

A regular mid-summer chore of mine is to defrost the deep freezer downstairs.

The 32 bags of frozen blackberries, 10lbs of blueberries, most of an apple tree turned into sauce, a small school of fish and the Christmas turkey dwindled down over the winter to 2 bags of frozen blackberries, one bag of blueberries, and a bunch of crab bait. In the fall it was full to overflowing, but in the summer, I empty it out completely and give it a clean. Read more

There are some innovations nowadays that vastly improve daily living. These small wonders separate the used-tos from the but-nows. As such the innovators rightly should be rewarded acclaim from the Nobel Foundation. Truly, these are serious oversights in awards being made annually.

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Once upon a time I regularly accomplished rather lovely needlework with traditional Norwegian Hardangersøm as a favorite pastime. Family were gifted with doilies of various sizes and designs, runners were stitched for tabletops or dressers, edgings for aprons, placemats, and even baptismal cloths emerged from the unity of needle, cloth, and thread.

And then my fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulder succumbed to the insidious arthritis that made mockery of delicate needlework. Read more

I knit socks.

Since I started to knit twelve years ago, I’ve knit a few other things: a dress, a sweater, and several baby blankets, but I keep coming back to socks.  Read more

I spent nine months perched on a tractor, trying to plough an arrow-straight furrow on the bald prairie. I learned about windrows and farming, but I admit am blissfully ignorant about Facebook. Read more

I have long since discovered that the most difficult part of leaving a legacy is sorting out who will inherit our stuff. Certainly, items that can be converted to cash will be easily divided among family, friends, and the charities of our choice. Well, “easily” might be a bit of an overstatement. Read more

Have you ever tried to contain 67 years of marriage blessings into one room?

Let me assure you—it is definitely not doable. Not even remotely possible. Read more