The second year I was away from home working, my first real job after university, I had a moment.

I remember exactly where I was when it happened – I was sitting on the floor of my tiny apartment – the one I was so proud of because it was affordable and all mine – and I’d been tidying up, probably in preparation to go home for Christmas, but maybe because that’s how I seem to live my life – all my stuff explores all over the place and periodically I have to go stuff it back in place, reigning it in to some kind of livability.

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So here is another adage that has become a truism: as we age our bodies eventually begin to betray us… Read more

Sometime last winter my literary muse (let’s call her Erato Escapee or E.E. for brevity) left me wordless. I suspect she had fled with other suddenly sane North Americans to the balmy, bright tropics. While enjoying respite from winter’s foibles E.E. left me bereft, unable to think of a single subject worthy of applying pen to paper. Read more

Fingers curl with arthritis. Muscle mass disappears faster than a burger from a gobbling teenager’s hand. Minds become so full of what has happened there is no room left to remember what we were doing or why we even entered into the room in the first place.

My mother said, “Getting old is not for the faint of heart.”

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Resolve is a noble trait best displayed by another plodding pilgrim.

Resolve is a firm intention of courage – a will to do and be a better soul.

This month is traditionally used for thinking new ways to accomplish a sort of perfection. Sometimes resolutions work – sometimes they do not. But always they are worthy of the thought and trial. How can we not want to be the very best that we can possibly be? Read more

Christmas is coming*

The geese are getting fat

Won’t you please put a penny

In the old man’s _____

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Illusions offer an interesting take on life.

Entertainers use them to project a mythical youth and semblance of glamour.

Magicians deceive and delight us with their trickery.

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If you didn’t have generations of farmers in your genealogy, would you know what a windrow is?

If your sister wasn’t a nurse, could you navigate medical terms beyond stat/BP/ICU/code red from TV dramas? Read more

There is nothing funny about death. Not now, not ever.

When my husband of many years died, a part of me died with him. Now I am struggling to live as a lesser person, diminished by his sudden death. No matter how you view it, one is less than two. Read more


Lest you think our family is any different from yours, please understand that working in three generations only looks smooth from the outside. Inside, our family has its usual share of mishaps and miscommunications. This post was subject to one of those moments, but after muddling through to the other side, we all agree that Barb’s reflections on the following questions provide wisdom and a view pertinent to our conversation. Read more