Legacies can be beautiful.

A legacy is often as simple as the dimples that peek out so charmingly on the cheeks of babies of succeeding generations. Read more

  1. Catch a medium sized elephant.
  2. Carefully dice it into manageable bites.

So began son David’s contribution to the Ford Family Cookbook.

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It is hard to stomp out of the room in a full-blown snit when you are wearing sheepskin-lined bedroom slippers.

Methinks my stomping days are pretty much a done deal. Even Hugo, my trusty walker, has lost his will to stomp meaningfully. He rolls, he twirls, he affords me a seat on the way to the mailbox—but snits and stomps are truly not his forte. Not today. Probably never, truth be told.

Let me back up a bit to give you the proper perspective on this topic. Read more

Whining is so not an option.

But neither can I jump with joy nor do the happy dance.

Last year at this time my beloved husband’s death was too fresh, too raw a wound, to participate in long-held holiday traditions. No greeting cards or email exchanges, no candlelit services. Certainly no jolly family meals.

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The subject line of the email to Tiny Frog Strategies read in bold letters, “Fundraising works—who knew?” Read more

When our bodies begin to betray us because of age or illness, life becomes difficult. Unbelief turns into dismay and incredible sadness.

Will the sun ever shine again? Will the birds recommence their song? Read more

Prayer is universal. It is a legacy handed down by the generations ever since Eve first had her trouble with the apple.

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