So you get it. You always knew it mattered, but now your boss or your board finally recognize that this legacy giving thing is an opportunity and you need to take action. But when? Read more

I was 9 when my mother and I last worked for the same boss. I was a paperboy for the Winona Daily News and my mother wrote a weekly column called “Whimsey.” She shared observations on life in a small town, being the wife of a pastor and mother of 6 children. Her quips then included thoughts on the topics of marriage, work and school. Read more

When my father suggested he had a plan for the newsletter, I was a little bit hesitant. Inviting my grandmother to be an author on our blog didn’t look anything like what other people in business were doing – which, being a newbie to the business building thing – was often my yardstick.

Cautiously optimistic, I agreed. I am not very good at doing what everyone else is doing anyway. Read more

When you reach truly advanced age you are either “just fine” or you are dead.

No one wants a casual enquiry about one’s health to have a three page response, a litany of what doesn’t work, is slowing down, or causing sleepless nights.

Trying to be wise as well as old I have consciously opted for the “just fine” response to casual conversations. Read more

Good Morning…

How are you?

I am ok, relatively ok, sort of a fine ok. So so. But mostly I am neither ok nor so so. I am actually somewhat grey. Read more

  1. Catch a medium sized elephant.
  2. Carefully dice it into manageable bites.

So began son David’s contribution to the Ford Family Cookbook.

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Who knew our tribe has the emotional DNA to celebrate the 90th birthday of a dead man?

Some years ago and after their collective children were finally all off to school in the fall our daughters began the countdown for their annual get together with their Dad to celebrate his octogenarian birthdays. Read more

I am a librocubicularist.

Are you? Read more

If January were a paper product it would be legal sized. February would be a memo and all ensuing months just normal, ordinary letter size.

But January is elongated. Resolutions have been made, tested, and perhaps sanely, discarded. Seasonal decorations are snugly back in their containers, recessed into closet depths. Read more

I once worked with an elderly donor who had a great idea for her legacy. She was in the process of ‘baking’ her legacy when I met her. Read more