The second year I was away from home working, my first real job after university, I had a moment.

I remember exactly where I was when it happened – I was sitting on the floor of my tiny apartment – the one I was so proud of because it was affordable and all mine – and I’d been tidying up, probably in preparation to go home for Christmas, but maybe because that’s how I seem to live my life – all my stuff explores all over the place and periodically I have to go stuff it back in place, reigning it in to some kind of livability.

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Imagine this math problem:

You have an unknown amount of money that will appear at an unknown time and will fund unknown areas at your organization. Give me the number I should put in next year’s budget for legacy giving revenue.

Hmmm, not so easy.

This is the reality of forecasting legacy giving. Read more

Whew, what a relief, the presentation is over AND it went well. Julia and I were workshop presenters for the 2018 CAGP National Conference in Winnipeg. We presented “Wisdom of the Ages, Building Successful Intergenerational Relationships” to 50 conference attendees. Creating refining and presenting with Julia was a highlight for me. She was brilliant and we had fun. Read more

Want to be inspired? Check out this cool animated video below from Remember a Charity, a UK based organization.


When you reach truly advanced age you are either “just fine” or you are dead.

No one wants a casual enquiry about one’s health to have a three page response, a litany of what doesn’t work, is slowing down, or causing sleepless nights.

Trying to be wise as well as old I have consciously opted for the “just fine” response to casual conversations. Read more

It really is all about our stuff. I admit that I have a plethora of stuff.

We make noises about leaving a legacy. Filling out a university scholarship started long ago. Leaving money for a program or to enable a building to be furnished and useful. Read more

Prayer is universal. It is a legacy handed down by the generations ever since Eve first had her trouble with the apple.

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I spent nine months perched on a tractor, trying to plough an arrow-straight furrow on the bald prairie. I learned about windrows and farming, but I admit am blissfully ignorant about Facebook. Read more

In the celestial shipping room the angels line up all the babies that are to be born that day. The supervising head of the department wafts down the row, centrally thumbing each little belly and gravely intoning, “You’re done,” before moving to the next.

And dimples in mortal cheeks are where the angels kissed those babies before they made their journey into our now-blessed lives. Read more

Many, many years ago when I was young I always received a brand new box of crayons on the Saturday before school started each fall. Why Saturday? Because my father was issued his hard-earned paycheque on Friday, so Saturday was designated school-essentials shopping day.

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