A regular mid-summer chore of mine is to defrost the deep freezer downstairs.

The 32 bags of frozen blackberries, 10lbs of blueberries, most of an apple tree turned into sauce, a small school of fish and the Christmas turkey dwindled down over the winter to 2 bags of frozen blackberries, one bag of blueberries, and a bunch of crab bait. In the fall it was full to overflowing, but in the summer, I empty it out completely and give it a clean. Read more

I went to school with a wonderful person named Thaddeus E. Pinkney III.

I expect the original Thaddeus never set out to create a ritual in which the eldest son of each succeeding generation was named Thaddeus, but that’s what happened. Rituals are important. They help us mark important events. They begin to shape us, as we shape them. Read more