Like my mother, I remember colouring when I was a child. I got good at it. I discovered that I could easily colour inside the lines. What was harder was choosing a colour for each object in the picture and sorting out what colours go together. Choosing from a box with 128 crayons was very time-consuming. And what was up with wasting a whole crayon on the colour white, anyway? My paper was white, so if I needed something coloured white I left it uncoloured.

It was while colouring that I discovered the colour green. It was fascinating! If your crabby little sister had the green crayon, you could make green by combining two different colours, blue and yellow. Magic!

Maple Leaves in Summer

The colour green has stayed with me into adulthood. Growing up I learned the names of trees and shrubs. They came clothed in so many shades of green that it made your head swim. Now the forest is my sea of green, but for many years the prairies showed me how green comes in even more shades when combined with yellow, enough to fill a whole new crayon box.

In a prairie spring, especially after a tough winter, a little green poking through the snow helped me see green as more than a colour. It is a symbol of hope and new life.

I wish to leave a legacy of green. My children are rooting for me to leave them a “little green.” Why not? They know I would love to if I could.

Like many of us, I have tried to live a little greener for the next generation. I plant trees and flowers each place I live. I started composting before it was popular. I switched to a more eco-friendly car and boat engine as the technology became available. Recycling is a grand hobby of mine. I check first at the Habitat ReStore or several of the second-hand shops for items before I buy new.

When it is my own time to compost back into the earth, it is my wish that somehow people are reminded to live with a little green, a little hope.


Is the colour of your legacy the same as your favourite colour? Where in your life can people see that colour? Leave your comment below.

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  1. Betsy
    Betsy says:

    Wow, Dave, you have our mother’s gift of writing! Am very much enjoying this blog. Gives lots of food for thought. Thanks!

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    Thanks for the affirmation Betsy. It is always good to hear a comment and great to know the blog is being read and appreciated.


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