Every once in a great while I go to a grocery store. Buying food is moot these days as each of my castles have highly skilled chefs who feed me nutritious and tasty meals for weeks and months at a time.

But it is eye-opening to wander the aisles of bananas, lemons and strawberries. What an innovation, succulent strawberries in mid-winter? Decades ago, unthinkable. Fresh foods were rigorously bound to their season – not yet had they hopped a boat or a jet to fly a continent away. Still to come were exotic foods from tropics far from the breakfast table.

Today’s homemakers have access to worldwide treats. When I was a new bride peaches came from the cellar where summer fruits stood on shelves in their mason canning jars. Ditto asparagus, green beans, and meat from the week of butchering.

Do you not find it awesome that now you can find fresh apricots from Chili year round? Are you not surprised, at least a little, to find cheeses and olives from all over the known world?

Salt varieties take up a whole aisle. Popcorn, ditto. And two score types of milk no self-respecting cow of my acquaintance would ever own occupy shelves and coolers. Really – who but a baby yak requires yak milk for growth and enjoyment?

Does the plethora of commodities not startle your senses? Do your eyes not widen with vinegar selections? Can you imagine a greengrocers with only three choices of tea? Have you lost your ability to be amazed?

Would I like to board the retro train and shuttle back to the good old days? Horrors, no!

But we might be a bit more awed as we toss papaya, watermelon and raspberries into our grocery cart as the snow swirls on out in the wintry parking lot.

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