Christmas is coming*

The geese are getting fat

Won’t you please put a penny

In the old man’s _____

Hat? A penny will surely help. Warm mittens and snuggly scarves would be nice too.

Mouth? Skip the coin and give a generous donation of time or turkey to a local shelter, so the moneyless will have one hot meal to ease an imperfect day.

Shoe? Yes! Shoes, boots, socks, and warm footwear for all those who so desperately need them.

Jackets? Turn in the gently used, outgrown, or unused winter outerwear to the collection bin. Someone will thank you and you will be warmed by the giving.

Pocket? Here’s a thought: a friend tucks a loonie or toonie into each backpack that the current drive is collecting. A nice tiny surprise for the K-8 kids in need.

During this holiday season, will yourself to do an act—or two or twenty—of giving from your seasonal amplitude.

Better yet, do not tell a soul. Just do it.

And bask in the warmth of sharing wealth with humankind, secretly content to be a small piece of the solution rather than an ignorant part of the problem.

This is your Giving Manual 101, 2016 issue.

*Recognize this carol? Find out more here.

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