In the celestial shipping room the angels line up all the babies that are to be born that day. The supervising head of the department wafts down the row, centrally thumbing each little belly and gravely intoning, “You’re done,” before moving to the next.

And dimples in mortal cheeks are where the angels kissed those babies before they made their journey into our now-blessed lives.

mauve flowers


Each one of us starts so simply; it’s what follows that gets complicated.

Mothers urge us to drink milk. Do we want our teeth to drop out by Saturday?!

Parents insist, “Eat your peas, beans, soup. It’s good for you.” And then they remind us to make a contribution so hungry children elsewhere can also share a meal of peas or beans or soup.

Mustn’t cross your eyes anymore! They may stick that way.

Toast a little charred? Not to worry. Burnt toast makes your hair curly.

Never, ever swallow that seed. Do you really want a watermelon to grow in your stomach?

Of course coffee will stunt your growth, everyone knows that. And raw cookie dough is decidedly bad for you. Ice cream manufacturers, did you not hear your mothers?

These adages, and many more, have been put forth by mothers everywhere for ages untold.

So they must be true. Right?

Can you hear your mother’s voice repeating a saying in your head? Or maybe it was from your father or a well-loved teacher? We’d love to hear it if you are willing to share. Please leave your comment below.

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  1. Erika
    Erika says:

    “You have to have something green with dinner!” Didn’t matter what it was – salad, broccoli, peas, cucumbers…but somehow green jellybeans don’t count.
    And yes, I still follow this today!


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