You are invited to a sometimes light-hearted conversation about a serious subject: leaving a legacy. Some of you might work with individuals who are planning to leave a gift in their will to their preferred charity, but most of you won’t have had the chance to overhear the family conversations about legacies they have been given or hope to leave. This is your opportunity to listen in and interact with one family, amid their musing about legacies.


In Legacy Conversations we hope to break new ground. Our goal is to enlighten you and bring a smile to your face. We are not aware of a tried-and-true method for selecting the right topics or asking the right questions. Perhaps you will have a suggestion.

But, like many, we begin by staring into the face of the unknown. In each issue, at least one of us will begin the conversation with thoughts around leaving a legacy. You are invited to join us: please comment if it so moves you and share with others who might benefit. We hope you find our conversations both useful and enjoyable as you encounter individuals and families much like ours.

Three Generations

As the middle step in our three generations, I would like to say just a few words about us.

Julia is the President of Tiny Frog Strategies and co-creator of Legacy Jump Start. She is my daughter, a highly educated, well-traveled, 30-something year-old who, for the most part, lives on a boat in Jamaica. Her areas of expertise include project management, international relations, mail/phone legacy campaigns, and knitting.

I am Dave, co-creator of Legacy Jump Start, father of three bright, beautiful, and brainy 30-something daughters. I happen to like alliterations. I live in British Columbia, known affectionately as the “Wet Coast.” I have been a fundraiser by profession for more than twenty years. I have worked with hospitals, churches, universities, and an environmental organization. I have raised major gifts, annual gifts, and legacy gifts. I have talked with donors from all walks of life. This newsletter is really an electronic extension of that work as I march toward retirement, talking and listening to people — generous people who make gifts.

Lastly Julia and I have invited my mother and Julia’s grandmother, Barbara, to fill out the team. She has been many things in her life, including an author, business women, medical technologist, wife, mother of six children, and grandmother of eighteen who is residing in the US Northwest. She is a person who has risen to meet many challenges and tried many new things in the course of each stage of her life. She has lived and traveled all over the US.

Barbara has little interest in spicy foods but did buy an iPad for herself after she turned 80. I am not sure who was more proud of that – me, Julia, or Barbara herself.

We look forward to sharing more with you as we go forward.

The family edited

Photo courtesy of someone at the party.

Your authors revealed: Julia is in the back row, second from the left.

Dave is in the back row on the right. Barb is on the left in the front row.

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Next, I will be musing on what it means to leave a legacy —collectively, we will pass on to the next generation as much as a trillion dollars, but what will happen in my family?

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