Wisdom of the Ages

Master class: Building successful intergenerational relationships.

Have you ever stopped to remark how your life experience is really different then that of your parents or grandparents? And what will the lives of future generations look like?

While we can’t predict the future, we can be lifelong learners of new strategies that help us build broad intergenerational networks, critical for our professional lives and for the future of our organizations.

Sneak into the back of the room at our presentation for the Canadian Association of Gift Planner’s 2018 conference without ever leaving your computer. This presentation is especially relevant for fundraisers who want to easily communicate with people from all generations, as you know that the future of your organization depends on good communication.

In this master class we will cover:

  • How do you build a relationship with people who are decades older (or younger) than you?
  • How do you begin to talk about money in a way that is fun (gasp) and takes you naturally into the conversation about the gift to your organization?
  • What do a Great Dane and a Labrador Retriever have to do with anything intergenerational?

Bonus: Find out how Tiny Frog Strategies got its name!

Master class presentation:

During the video, we ask participants to turn to their neighbour and share their own experiences on several occasions. We know that you probably can’t do the same where you are, but, if you’re feeling brave, download the master class summary for questions to liven up the discussion in the lunch room, or maybe to build your next donor relationship. Include in the summary sheet is our checklist for intergenerational communication.

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