Our conversation with Magdalena Blasiak

In our work, we’ve noticed that while there are a lot of resources out there for non-profit organizations, it isn’t always easy to find out who is doing what. So in the rest of the pond series, we feature people and companies who have solutions for small shop non-profits.

Today our spotlight is on Magdalena Blasiak, a coach and project manager who specializes in the areas of teams & leadership development.

Image credit: Magdalena Blasiak

Tell us about your area of expertise:

I am a coach and project management professional. I coach individuals and corporate teams in the areas of leadership and organizational development. In my career, I’ve worked in both non-profit and corporate environments!

What problem do you solve for non-profit organizations? What kinds of worries and concerns do your smallest clients bring to you?

I focus on people and team optimization for projects and project management best practices. Non-profits manage projects all the time – from fundraising campaigns or events to capital projects. I work with project leads and their team to enhance their project management approaches, and build stronger teams that in turn manage successful projects. On project, I bring a coach approach to my work, with bits of systems analysis and advising. Otherwise, when coaching people, I follow the ICF Framework with my clients.

My smallest clients sometimes just need a coach as a sounding board. They need help working through a project problem or finding strategies to be a stronger leader.  Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximize their personal and professional potential. I listen objectively, observe, ask questions, and provide feedback and insight. Through a coaching partnership we create a plan, actions for growth, and strategies to implement that are inline with the client’s objectives.

What are the results that you are the most proud to have achieved with your clients?

I’ve helped clients in various stages in their career and leadership growth. Some have shifted in their careers. Others have gained more courage to participate in a larger leadership role. I’ve helped teams manage new quality processes that have allowed them to perform with greater quality assurance. These have all made me feel proud and happy that I had a part in the process. But what truly matters to me is seeing people gain confidence. To be able to see their inner strength, the gifts that they bring to the leadership table and the talents they can contribute to their organization. This for me brings great joy, that I’ve indeed helped someone be well and shine forward.

What are three things that people should know about working with you?

Great question! Three things are: 1) that I am incredibly curious – I ask a lot of questions. It allows me to put pieces of the puzzle together and gain insight. 2) I am solutions-minded and resourceful – I persist until we solve that puzzle together. 3) People are my passion. I believe in working together collaboratively and with utmost compassion.

Where can people find out more about you?

You can find me here:

Coaching + Content: www.shineforward.ca

Quick connect: magdalena@shineforward.ca

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/magdalenablasiak

Instagram: instagram.com/shineforward

Anything else?

A few fun facts: I love a strong cappuccino and a buttery pain au chocolat. I’m an avid long distance runner and have completed over 25 half-marathons. And I live in Vancouver with my two kids, partner and ginger cat named Mr. Obi.

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